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Our Leadership

A Presbyterian Church

A presbyterian church is led by a body of elders elected from among the people. This body is called the session. According to Scripture, these elders are to be Christian men with a desire to serve Christ's church, godly character, and sufficient knowledge and experience to lead in Christ's church. It is the session's duty to care for the spiritual needs of the church.


Our elders are Tony Curto, John Kozma, James Loring, Ryan McGraw, Vernon Shoaf, David Stair, Peter Van Doodewaard, and John Van Voorhis (emeritus).


In addition to elders, a presbyterian church also has deacons, whose task it is to oversee the ministries of mercy, care for the finances, and maintain the church building and property. The deacons report to the session.

Currently our church is served in these areas by three deacons, Mr. Brian Bassett, Mr. Seth Dilella, and Mr. Joey Pipa.

Our Pastor

The pastor of a presbyterian church is ordained to office of minister of the gospel, and both shares in the rule of the congregation with the elders and is also given to the tasks of preaching the Word and administering the sacraments. Our pastor is Rev. Peter Van Doodewaard.

Peter is a graduate of Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary located right here in Taylors. Before following the Lord's call to the Christian ministry, he and his family lived in Ontario, Canada where he practiced engineering. It was from this work that the Lord called Peter to the labor of preaching the person, work, kingdom and glory of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Peter and his wife Lauralee have been blessed with six daughters and two sons.

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